Un Sedicesimo | 10 years full collection

Un Sedicesimo | 10 years full collection

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"Un Sedicesimo is a bimonthly magazine about design. More specifically: it doesn’t talk about design, it makes design. Rather: each edition is a finished project, without analysis or debate. Each issue of Un Sedicesimo is, generally speaking, one single number".

Illustrators, graphic designers and artists have filled in turn the 16 pages of this magazine: Steven Guarnaccia, Milton Glaser, Carin Goldberg, Italo Lupi, Fanette Miller, Giulio Iacchetti and much more worked on this magazine through these years. 

To celebrate the first 10 years of Un Sedicesimo, you have the chance to purchase the whole collection from 2007 to 2017 at a special price.

Pssss Un Sedicesimo has been displayed at the Printed Matter in New York from 4 to 17 December.


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