Saluti e baci | Book & Postcard

Saluti e baci | Book & Postcard

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In Italy, people used to write "Saluti e baci" on the postcards sent from holidays: it's like saying "love and kisses" from the place you're visiting. Sending postcards form cities it's a habit gone lost through the years, but for someone this ritual has mantained all its magic and glamour. 

Saluti e baci - evasion exercises is an examples of how Bruno Munari's imagination knew how to reinvent any idea of reality, turning it into a game.
Reinvented and "customized" postcards through games of cuts and inserts, reconstructions with funny notes in the margins. All of this when the Photoshop magic was just a mirage. Just follow the braid of the pink thread emerging from the cover to get lost inside collages of upside-down crypts, church gables soaking in the sea, and Leonardo's Last Supper as the backdrop to a concert.

To celebrate the fourth reprint of the volume published for the first time in 1992 in the Block Notes series, we thought to send you a postcard. This is the original postcard that used to come with the firts edition of this issue. The Asinelli and Garisenda Towers are the symbol of Bologna, a town famous for its endless numebr of towers; only 22 have survived but during the XIII century there were more than 100 spread among streets and alleys. Could Munari create a conventional postcard? Of course not: in this limited edition version, you just have to fold the cardboard to get your tridimentional tower.

Only 8 original postcard remained: get your Saluti e Baci starter pack to start this 2018!

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