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Box | AUGURI! by Libreria 121+

Box | AUGURI! by Libreria 121+

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A selection to spread your best wishes! Oseci is a traditional Japanese dish that is cooked during the holidays, each culinary specialty is the bearer of good news: featured on this tablecloth is a good wish to make a lot of money, to have good health and to be able to study well... Plus a little book, Contanti affettuosissimi auguri, which is an excellent way of giving your best wishes to everyone since it is written in (almost) every language of the world, and a selection of 12 of our Christmas cards.

What is inside:

  • Oseci - table mat
  • Contanti affettuosissimi auguri - book
  • Christmas cards x 12

From Libreria 121+, some ideas in a box – objects and books – to give as a gift or to split and share. 

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