Instruments by 44flavours

“For us instruments are not only related to music. Instruments can also be complex or simple tools for creative creations. The composition of a painting functions like a piece of music and the brush or other painting tool could be the instrument, that creates the visual composition. Music helps to explain our paintings or sculptures with all kind of different comparisons, at least to people that are not used to have a direct access to our work.  Music has always been one of our major inspirations during the creation of our work”.

Exposed during "Instruments", exhibition hosted in our bookshop in Milan, this selection of colourful artworks are made up with cardboard sheets previously cut out to create collages. Music instruments and bright colours are clearly the protagonists of these frames which invite you to become artist yourself: you can change the sheets layers' order and give life to a new masterpiece. Because art is thought to be always surprising and never predictable. 

44flavours are Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle, an exuberant duo who works comprising all kinds of media, from murals to posters, and painting to sculpture. They started their collaboration in 2003, and part of the duo’s distinctive style is the recurrence of handwritten type, which stems from a shared interest in typography. Whether designing a poster or creating an art installation, inventive letterforms, messages and phrases they always break down the barriers between art and design. Their headquarter is in Berlin.