Noemi Vola

Worm | Klaus


Noemi Vola, the author of Sulla vita sfortunata dei vermi [On the Unfortunate Life of Worms], is the ultimate expert when it comes to the characteristics, habits, and adventures of worms (not to be confused with caterpillars!). As well as studying them in depth and drawing them on paper, she has also modelled some of them in ceramic, experimenting with this material for the first time to create a small collection of unique pieces.

  • Dimensions: 14,5 cm
  • Unique piece
  • Handmade in 2019



Noemi Vola, born in 1993, is an Italian author and illustrator. With Corraini Edizioni she has published From Here to Far AwayA book of horses* (*revolutionary ones), L’arrivo di Santa Lucia with Andrea Antinori and Bear with me, winner of the 2018 Premio Nazionale Nati per Leggere and selected in the same year for the 'Outstanding Picturebooks' exhibition curated by dPICTUS at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Her book FIM? Isto nao açaba assim (Planeta Tangerina) was the winner of the International Serpa Picturebook Prize 2017. In 2019, she was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the Children's book Fair in Bologna. She has worked with various publishers in Italy and abroad, including Bruaá Editora, Danchu Press, Vogue Bambini, Smemoranda and Kuš!.



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