Guido De Zan



Black stoneware vase with light markings.

"The vases created by Guido De Zan have the most extravagant and varied shapes: sharp-edges, curves, perspectives, figures... At times they make you doubt that they can stand in balance. But their vitality and originality lie in the graffiti that runs across their surface." Francesco M. Cataluccio



Guido De Zan was born in Milan in 1947. In 1974, after having worked for eight years assisting children with mental disabilities, he graduated in Sociology from the University of Trento. In 1975 he began his research in the field of ceramics, using stoneware and porcelain to create both sculptures and objects of use. In 1978 in Milan, next to the Colonne di San Lorenzo, he opened Il Coccio, the workshop with a ceramic kiln where he still works today. Generations of assistants and students from all over the world have passed through here. He lives and works in Milan.


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