Bruno Munari

Travel Sculpture


"Travel Sculpture is born with all the typical characteristics of the modern era: it is low-cost, it is practical, it could be also mono-use, it can suite the modern wandering both in his house and in his travels. It is democratic by design, and light; once exposed, it doesn't need big spaces and it can also express a private cultural dimension". Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari had been working on travel sculptures during all his life, starting from 1960, using different kind of material as wood, plastic and iron. This sculpture, produced in 2010 on a 1960 model, has been produced with cardboard in a limited edition. 

  • Size closed: 8,4 x 22,4cm
  • Size open: 16,8 x 22,4 cm


Bruno Munari (1907-1998) was one of the protagonists of 20th-century art, design and graphics in Italy. Since his very first experiences in the 30s among the artists of the Second Futurism, he always dedicated his creative activity to every form of “experimentation”, in the fields of painting, sculpture, design, photography and didactics. As a part of his eclectic work as an artist-designer, he always paid special attention to the world of children. Never separating content from form and materials, what he designed were at once books, book-objects and games that make us think.


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