Fausto Gilberti

Ceramic plate | Football


Ceramic plate, created by Fausto Gilberti and handcrafted at the prestigious Bottega d'Arte ceramica Gatti in Faenza, Italy.

  • Subject: Football
  • Limited edition of 10
  • Made in 2001


Fausto Gilberti is a painter, illustrator and author of children's books. He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and he started exhibiting his work during the late 1990s. His creations are minimal figures, stylized characters with large, oddly shaped eyes that stand out on white sheets of paper where the scene is almost always indefinite. He won the Premio Acacia ti fa volare in 2004 and the Premio Cairo in 2007. He has to his credit about one hundred personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has published many illustrated books in recent years, almost all of them published by Corraini. Among the most recent are The Circus of the Dwarf and the Bearded Lady (2018), Yayoi Kusama (2019) and Banksy (2020). He lives and works in Brescia, where he draws day and night on a table once used for making salami.


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