Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari artista e designer


The poster is a reproduction of a 1951 tempera on paper displayed in 1991 at the exhibition Bruno Munari artista e designer at the Galleria Maurizio Corraini in Mantua.

In the 1950s, Bruno Munari conducted two parallel studies related to visual perception. This tempera belongs to the series of 'signs', described by the author as follows: "A sign communicates material and texture through colour. While the negative-positives are constructed with flat saturated colours, without any 'expressionist' signs, in a geometric space organised by strict rhythms, and where all the space is significant; the signs are instead forms resting on a background, without any problems of perceptive ambiguity, where the value is given by the energy, the material colour, the dimensions, the connections, the empty spaces". (Bruno Munari, Simultaneità degli opposti, Corraini Edizioni 1989).


  • Size: 49 x 70 cm
  • Frame is not included

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