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by Libreria 121+ with RIGA bag

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There's strenght in numbers, even when it comes to presents: together with RIGA bag we have selected this unique set of special items and books!

In the RIGA bag, there are three design icons: Paul Cox and his book Intanto, the shortest book in the world where all the scenes happen in different places but at the same time; Enzo Mari and Autoprogettazione?, the first revolutionary open source book, a manifesto of intentions and a programmatic declaration. And Ricerca della comodità in una poltrona scomoda where Bruno Munari reflects on the choice between aesthetics and functionality.... An amusing, intelligent and witty text, in typical Munari style, which together with the 14 photographs, was published for the first time in 1944, in issue no. 202 of Domus magazine.

  • RIGA bag - bag / backpack
    Available in blue with orange straps, grey with yellow straps, dark grey with blue straps
  • Intanto - book
  • Autoprogettazione? - book
  • Ricerca della comodità in una poltrona scomoda - book