Almanacco Festivaletteratura 2020


To mark this unusual year, Festivaletteratura felt that an almanac was crucial addition, one of those books about the year in which - not always systematically - data, remarkable or unusual events were noted down, with the addition of forecasts, astral maps, indications for work and for domestic and social life.

We therefore asked more than 150 authors to create an almanac to guide us through these uncertain times. In the almanac you will find hundreds of original entries: small and large memorable events that took place in this year of upheavals, narrated by famous but also lesser-known authors who are definitely worth getting to know. You will find essential advice on how to fold bed sheets or understand the plot of an opera, on the philosophical meaning of washing dishes by hand or how to have a piece of Iceland in your home, on how to make a piadina romagnola or move to a new house in the midst of a pandemic. There are tales told through images, some ironic, others moving, interviews with renowned authors with an eye on the future, astral maps of the information universe or of people on the move.

An edition of Festivaletteratura on paper, where everyone can follow innumerable pathways, a book that in the hands of readers can become - we hope - a beloved cult object.

  • isbn: 9788894553406
  • Pages: 360
  • Width: 16.5 cm
  • Height: 30 cm
  • First Edition: 2020

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