1. La storia dello Zio Tonto

    Marco Nereo Rotelli

    La storia dello Zio Tonto
  2. Case Milanesissime | In Via Bramante

    Alvar Aaltissimo

    Case Milanesissime | In Via Bramante
  3. Atlas

    Protey Temen

  4. ABC | I

    Bruno Munari

    ABC | I
  5. Massimo Lunardon VS Emiliano Ponzi

    Massimo Lunardon

    Massimo Lunardon VS Emiliano Ponzi
  6. Designing letters | S

    Alessio D’Ellena

    Designing letters | S
  7. Faces | 13

    Bruno Munari

    Faces | 13
If a shop were to transform itself into a kind of digital wunderkammer, a place where you can find all kinds of design pieces, art works, prints and illustrations, not to mention clothing, stationery and much more: what would it look like? The answer is Corraini Bazar!

This is another example of how we like to have fun by changing the rules of the game: publishing house, art gallery and much more, thanks to our curiosity for trying out new and unexpected things. It’s a little bit like what we do in our bookshops in Mantua, Milan, Bologna, Turin and Berlin… you never know what you’ll find when you walk through the door!

At Corraini Bazar, we’re always in good company: through our collaborations with artists, brands and institutions, we aim at connecting different worlds, from design to theatre, from art to food.

Corraini Bazar

Little wonders which inspire curiosity, to give as a gift to a loved one (or to yourself!). Splashes of art to hang on the wall. Pages to leaf through catching the eyes.